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Tarot & Rune Readings (Occasionally with Mediumship though cannot be guaranteed)

For more information on Tarot see the Tarot page.

Re- psychic abilities. People often have differing views and opinions on what makes a 'Psychic' psychic. We are frequently expected to be telepathic and able to predict with absolute accuracy all future events. This is not the case. A person with psychic abilities often falls in to one or several categories.

1 Intuitive

2 Empath

3 Clairvoyant

4 Clairaudient

5 Clairsentient

6 Medium

In short we are just a little more sensitive to spiritual energies and can tune into these as an aid to illuminate your path and help you see options ahead.

Predictions can be made but you still have free will and can change your destiny through choices you make.

A good psychic can help you see which choices are likely to have the optimum outcome for you.

Being open to what comes through helps and accepting that what sometimes seems like the most important reason for having a reading isn't always what is revealed.

I use various sets of Tarot cards and Runes to divine for my clients and am an intuitive, empath with clairvoyant gifts.

I also work daily on an international Psychic Phone line so my skills are constantly in use.

On Line Course in Tarot

Reiki Healing No longer available sorry.





 Legal disclaimer - Readings given to over 18yrs old only. I am obliged by law to say that they are for entertainment purposes only.











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